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Technical Services


From product manufacturing companies to technology service companies, we are working hard to accomplish this. Our goal is to not only make the company's product performance fully play through the technical services, but also take advantage of the advantages of intelligent technology, the product's functionality has been greatly extended. In addition, in order to make your production go smoothly, we can also provide you with the maintenance, overhaul, overhaul, leasing, transport subcontracting, if you have any requirements, promptly tell us, to serve you is our own work .


Customer service number, which is the value of our company, the profit is the user's recognition of our existence, so that we can better serve them.

If your car is not enough, we have a variety of spare car for you to choose from, and can be used by car, this is the high-tech benefits.

Equipment Leasing

Various flatbed truck, hydraulic trailer, hoist, gantry crane (wheel and rail, tire type)

Transport Subcontracting

The company produces the machine,the machine the owner,the company produces the technician and the worker


Regular inspection, change hydraulic oil, oil filter, etc., to ensure that the equipment intact, uninterrupted production

Old Car Transformation

For the old vehicle equipment to provide system upgrades, models, machinery renovation business


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